Brother LC217, LC215 (JP) Magictube Refill Inks Set

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MI-LC217-215-4C-INK, LC217BK, LC215, DCP-J4120DW,..

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MI-LC217-215-4C-INK, LC217BK, LC215, DCP-J4120DW, DCP-J4220N, MFC-J2320, MFC-J2720, MFC-J4320DW, MFC-J4420DW, MFC-J4620DW, MFC-J4625DW, MFC-J4720N,

First-time, Easy-to-operate filling kits Set


Quantity and name

- 1x 70 cc Pigment Inks - Black
- 3x 70 cc Dye Inks - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow
- 4x Magictube Refill Kits Set
- 1x 25 cc Syringe
- 5x Butterfly Needle Cap
- 1x Rubber Plug
- 1x Refill Adaptor

Brother LC213BK, LC213C, LC213M, LC213Y

+Printer Model
  • Brother DCP-J4225N, DCP-J4220N
  • Brother MFC-J4725N, MFC-J4720N
  • Brother MFC-J5720CDW, MFC-J5620CDW, MFC-J5820DN

Brother LC215C, LC215M, LC215Y

+Printer Model
  • Brother DCP-J4225N, DCP-J4220N
  • Brother MFC-J4725N, MFC-J4720N
  • Brother MFC-J5720CDW, MFC-J5620CDW, MFC-J5820DN

Brother LC217BK

+Printer Model
  • Brother DCP-J4220N
  • Brother MFC-J4720N

Smart Design !

◆ You will believe that the design is also helps you fill the ink cartridge easily.
When you first use the filling kit, you can get started quickly.
◆ Pick up your used cartridge which is ready to recycle; After refilling the ink, the ink cartridge can be reusable.

What we did !

◆ What amazing thing happens! An ink tube at a length of 15 cm is between an ink bottle and an ink cartridge.
◆ Two edges of the ink tube are combined with the ink bottle and the ink cartridge. The ink tube is flexible and can be adjusted in any direction that you want.
◆ With a common syringe, ink can flow from the ink bottle to the ink cartridge easily, perfectly and clearly.
◆ It is an ink cartridge chamber for filling the ink cartridge with ink perfectly and quickly.

Magic-tube Vacuum Convection Filling

◆ With the original “vacuum convection” filling technology, anyone can easily fill in every “original” ink cartridge.
◆ The air in the ink bottle is extracted by the syringe, and a vacuum is formed in the ink bottle, and the air in the ink cartridge is guided into the ink bottle.
◆ Release the syringe and the vacuum suction inside the ink cartridge to introduce the ink in the ink bottle into the ink cartridge.
◆ Repeat 5-6 times to fill the same capacity ink as the original.

No More Happen !

◆ Not smearing fingers with ink
◆ No filling ink with half of cartridge capacity
◆ No bubbles in sponge
◆ Ink does not drip
◆ Ink does not overflow


◆ The syringe has a function of the vacuum power. Pulling the plunder of the syringe is the only action during all the filling process.
Don’t put the plunder of the syringe during the filling process.
◆ If you pull the plunder of the syringe, the pressure would be generated. Then the pressure may cause damage in the internal ink cartridge during the filling process.
◆ After filling, please wait for about 10 seconds to separate the filling connector from the ink cartridge. Otherwise, the unbalanced ink may leak and be contaminated.
◆ The filled tool should be placed upright in the tool box (Transported package modification).

Brother LC217, LC215 Refill Instructions

Country/ Region Zone
- LC217, LC215

Magictube Refill System Patents

◆ Taiwan Utility Patent No. M-282839
◆ Japan Invention Patent I-4399617
◆ US Invention Patent US007470008


◆ 2006 Taipei International Invention Show and Technomart - Bronze medal

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