HP 711 4C/70 Magictube Refill Kits Set

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MR-711-4C-KIT-70, HP Designjet T120, T520, CX129A,..

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MR-711-4C-KIT-70, HP Designjet T120, T520, CX129A, CX130A, CX131A, CX132A, CX133A,

First-time, Easy-to-operate filling kits Set


Quantity and name

- 4x 70-ml Bottle Body
- 4x Bottle Cap
- 4x Silicon Plug
- 4x Inner Tube
- 4x MagicTube Refill Kits Set
- 2x Multi-function Plastic Needle
- 5x Sleeve Plug
- 1x Silicon Plug 5.2 mm
- 1x 25cc Syringe

HP 711 -4C Ink Cartridges Series

Ink cartridge Number

Designjet Printers

Printer Model
  • HP DesignJet T520 24-in (CQ890A#B1K)
  • HP DesignJet T120 24-in (CQ891A#B1K)
  • HP DesignJet T520 36-in (CQ893A#B1K)


◆ The function of the syringe is to use the "pull and push" air exchange method of the drawbar, and the air in the ink cartridge is taken out through the ink tube, and the ink introduced into the ink bottle enters the inner space of the ink cartridge.
◆ When the syringe is "pushing", there will be some slight resistance, the resistance will slowly disappear, indicating that the filling of the ink is continuing; if the "push" action, the resistance will not disappear, indicating that the ink is full.
◆ After filling, please wait for about 10 seconds to separate the filling connector from the ink cartridge. Otherwise, the unbalanced ink may leak and be contaminated.
◆ The filled tool should be placed upright in the tool box (Transported package modification). ◆ Ink cartridges are equipped with ink cartridges for ink level recording chips. Some printers need to replace the reset chip before the printer can work. We do not provide sales and services for "reset chip/decoding card".

HP 711 Black Refill Instructions

Country/ Region Zone
- HP 711

HP 711 Color Refill Instructions

Country/ Region Zone
- HP 711

Magictube Refill System Patents

◆ Taiwan Utility Patent No. M-282839
◆ Japan Invention Patent I-4399617
◆ US Invention Patent US007470008


◆ 2006 Taipei International Invention Show and Technomart - Bronze medal

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