HP 940, 940XL Magictube Refill Inks Set

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MR-940-940XL-4C-INK, HP Officejet Pro 8000, 8500, ..

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MR-940-940XL-4C-INK, HP Officejet Pro 8000, 8500, K8600, HP 940, 940XL


First-time, Easy-to-operate filling kits Set

Quantity and name

  • 4 x 70-ml Pigment Ink Bottle
  • 4 x MagicTube Refill Kits Set
  • 1 x Handle Screw Drill, Cap
  • 2 x Push Pin
  • 8 x Recharge Plug
  • 5 x Butterfly Cap
  • 4 x 18G*15mm Refill Needle, Cap
  • 1 x 25cc Syringe

Compatible with

Ink cartridge

  • HP 940 Black Ink Cartridge - C4902AN
  • HP 940 Cyan Ink Cartridge - C4903AN
  • HP 940 Magenta Ink Cartridge - C4904AN
  • HP 940 Yellow Ink Cartridge - C4905AN
  • HP 940XL Black Ink Cartridge - C4906AN
  • HP 940XL Magenta Ink Cartridge - C4908AN
  • HP 940XL Cyan Ink Cartridge - C4907AN
  • HP 940XL Yellow Ink Cartridge - C4909AN


Goods and Designs that you can understand at a Glance

Smart Design!

  • You will believe that the design is worth of being trusted and also helps you fill the ink cartridge easily.
  • When you first use the Magictube Refill Kits Set, you can get started quickly. Don’t worry about high cost of original ink cartridges.
  • Don’t discard original ink cartridges and pick up your used cartridges ready to recycle. After you refill the cartridges with ink, the ink cartridges can be reusable.

What we did !

  • What amazing thing happens! An ink tube at a length of 15 cm is between an ink bottle and an ink cartridge.
  • Two edges of the ink tube are combined with the ink bottle and the ink cartridge. The ink tube is flexible and can be adjusted in any direction that you want.
  • With a common syringe, ink can flow from the ink bottle to the ink cartridge easily, perfectly and clearly.
  • It is an ink cartridge chamber for filling the ink cartridge with ink perfectly and quickly.
  • What an amazing refilling method it is!

No More Happen

  • Not smearing fingers with ink
  • No filling ink with half of cartridge capacity
  • No bubbles in sponge
  • Ink does not drip
  • Ink does not overflow

What an amazing refilling method it is!

  • With the unique vacuum circulation, a filling technology, everyone can fill every cartridge from OEM with ink easily.
  • Exhaust air in the ink bottle by a syringe, creates a vacuum in the ink bottle and causes air flow from the ink bottle to the ink cartridge.
  • Release the syringe, ink in the bottle will flow to the ink cartridge due to the attraction of vacuum in the ink cartridge.
  • When filling the ink cartridge for the first time, the ink bottle may be overfilled; pull the empty syringe Plunger 15cm first, then insert it into the top connector of the ink bottle.
  • Gently push the Plunger of the syringe cartridge to push air into the ink bottle, the pressure inside the ink bottle will increase and the ink will be guided along the ink tube into the ink cartridge.
  • The air in the ink cartridge is directed back into the ink bottle when the syringe Plunger is pulled.
  • Push the Plunger of the syringe again and repeat the above actions several times to fill the ink.
  • After filling the ink cartridge and removing the syringe, please leave it for about 10 seconds and then remove the filling connector after the system has stabilized. The ink cartridge can be filled easily.

Fill Instruction - Youtube

Precautions !

  • The function of the syringe is to plunger the "pull and push" method of air exchange, the Air is drawn out of the ink cartridge through the ink tube, and the ink is guided into the ink cartridge's internal space.
  • When the syringe is being pushed, there will be some slight resistance, which will gradually disappear, indicating that the ink filling is continuing; if the resistance does not disappear, the ink has been filled.
  • After filling, wait about 10 seconds before separating the fill connector from the ink cartridge; otherwise, unbalanced ink may leak and contaminate.
  • Ink cartridges with a ink level recording chip, some need to be replaced with a decoder chip for the printer to work at full capacity; we do not offer "decoder chip/decoder card" sales and service.

HP 940, 940XL -4C Ink Cartridges Filling Instructions

Timeline of the video (4:02 - 4:09), Please use a new Silicon plug.
Old rubber plugs are subject to the screwing in of the pulling rod before it is pulled up, which can cause cracks and may leak if reused.

More Information

Ink Lever

  • Each ink cartridge has a ink level recording chip.
    The ink level of the ink cartridge continues to drop after printing, and the drop level never returns to the full level.
  • You need to prepare at least two cartridges. The ink cartridges need to be replaced and refilled before the printer "Cartridge Depleted".
  • Take the initiative to work on the printer's screen to change the field from "Settings, Printer Updates" to "Off Updates".
  • HP 940 ink cartridge printers have been around for several years, and there were several ways to provide decoding in the early days; for related materials, search and buy locally.

Internal construction of the ink cartridge

Patents and Awards

Patented Documentary Record


  • INST 2006 Taipei International Invention Show and Technomart - Bronze medal