HP 02, 363, 177, 801 Printer series Modify to CISS

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CISS-02-KIT, HP 02, 363, 177, 801 Printer series M..

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CISS-02-KIT, HP 02, 363, 177, 801 Printer series Modify to CISS


First-time, Easy-to-operate Modify to CISS kits Set

Quantity and Name

  • 6x empty ink bottle - 70 cc
  • 6x bottle cap
  • 6x double hole silicone plug
  • 6x PP straw 79 mm
  • 0x acrylic ink bottle holder
  • 2x modified by the package box
  • 6x Ink connector on top of the ink bottle
  • 6x six-tube ink tube - 1.2 m
  • 6x L-type connector - 3.0 mm
  • 2x 3M double-sided tape
  • 6x ink cartridge internal barrier
  • 1x push pin
  • 1x Air concentrated connector on the ink bottle
  • 1x air-bag connector
  • 1x air concentrated bag
  • 1x double-sided tape
  • 1x 3.0 mm hand drill (Φ3.0 x 15mm)
  • 1x syringe 25 cc
  • 1x butterfly type cover
  • 6x end plug

Compatible with

+Ink Cartridge Number
  • HP 02, 177, 363, 801 Ink Cartridges
  • C8721 - Black
  • C8771 - Cyan
  • C8772 - Magenta
  • C8773 - Yellow
  • C8774 - Light Cyan
  • C8775 - Light Magenta
+Printer Model
  • HP Photosmart 3110, 3110v, 3110xi;
  • HP Photosmart 3207, 3210, 3210v, 3210xi, 3213;
  • HP Photosmart 3310, 3310xi, 3313;
  • HP Photosmart 7180;
  • HP Photosmart 8200, 8230, 8238, 8250, 8253;
  • HP Photosmart C5100, C5140, C5150, C5170, C5173, C5175, C5177, C5180, C5183, C5185, C5188, C5190, C5194;
  • HP Photosmart C6150, C6180, C6183, C6185, C6188;
  • HP Photosmart C6240, C6250, C6270, C6275, C6280, C6283, C6285, C6286, C6288;
  • HP Photosmart C7100, C7150, C7170, C7177, C7180, C7183, C7185, C7186, C7188;
  • HP Photosmart C7250, C7275, C7280, C7283, C7288;
  • HP Photosmart C8150, C8180, C8183, C8188;
  • HP Photosmart D6160;
  • HP Photosmart D7145, D7155, D7160, D7163, D7168;
  • HP Photosmart D7245, D7250, D7255, D7260, D7263, D7268, D7280;
  • HP Photosmart D7345, D7355, D7360, D7363, D7368;
  • HP Photosmart D7460, D7463;


Goods and Designs that you can understand at a Glance

Smart Design !

  • The original design of Active air Management effectively eliminates air inside the nozzle and manages ink.
  • Our design, after years of practical operation, makes it easy to print documents and photos after you install and use them correctly.
  • Our design is to use the original ink cartridge - no chip identification problem.
  • The original cartridge record is always there - there is no risk of being locked.
  • Active air Management guides are smooth - the ink supply is relatively smooth.
  • Exhaust air centrally manages emissions - easy control of ink composition.
  • Effectively reduce printing costs - meet economic and environmental requirements.
  • The nozzles have 650 * 6 = 3900 nozzles per color.
  • Print with HP Advanced Photo Paper - Print 4" x 6" photos in just 12 seconds.
  • Ultra-high-speed printing - up to 3,000 sheets per month.

Active air Management

Printer Modification


  • The printing status of the printer before the modification needs to be completely normal, and the quality of the photo can be printed.
  • The modified original ink cartridge must be the ink cartridge in use, and cannot use non-original chips or ink cartridges that have been rejected by the original manufacturer.
  • The height of the ink bottle placed outside the printer, the highest ink level is at the bottom of the neck of the bottle, so that the bubbles generated by the printer cleaning nozzle will not enter the maintenance air bag.
  • The ink cartridge is operated according to the steps of the figure. After the assembly is completed, the printing head must be cleaned first. After the printer nozzle is cleaned several times, the printer is completely modified, and you can print it with peace of mind.
  • The maintenance air bag installed on the side of the printer, when each time the nozzle is cleaned, the air inside the nozzle is introduced into the air bag, and the air bag and the medium manage the humidity; when the air bag is full, please unplug the connection tube. The air can be exhausted by gently pressing the air bag.

Modified Youtube

  • HP Photosmart 8200, 8230 (Q3476A)
  • HP Photosmart D7100, D7160 (Q7047A)
  • HP Photosmart D7200, D7260 (CC975A)
  • HP Photosmart D7300, D7360 (Q7058A)
  • HP Photosmart D7400, D7460 (CC247A)
  • HP Photosmart 3100, 3110 (Q5833A)
  • HP Photosmart 3300, 3310 (Q5863A)
  • HP Photosmart C5100, C5180 (Q8220A)
  • HP Photosmart C6100, C6180 (Q8181A)
  • HP Photosmart C7100, C7180 (Q8200A)
  • HP Photosmart C7200, C7280 (CC567A)
  • HP Photosmart C8100, C8180 (L2526A)

Modification steps and more

Patents and Awards

CISS System Patents Document

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