Canon PG-810XL, CL-811XL Auto Convection Refill Kits Set

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Canon PG-810XL, CL-811XL, PG-815XL, CL-816XL, PG-2..

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Canon PG-810XL, CL-811XL, PG-815XL, CL-816XL, PG-210XL, CL-211XL, PG-510XL, CL-511XL, BCI-310, BCI-311, PIXMA IP2770, IP2772, MP237, MP245, MP258, MP268, MP276, MP287, MP468, MP486, MP496, MP497, MX328, MX338, MX347, MX357, MX366, MX416,


First-time, Easy-to-operate filling kits Set

Quantity and Name

  • 4 x 35 ml empty bottle (Bottle Body, Inner cap, White cap)
  • 4 x Auto-Refill Needle
  • 4 x Needle Plug
  • 1 x Handle Drill ( Φ2.8 x 15mm)
  • 1 x White Cap
  • 2 x 2.8 mm Silicon Plug
  • 4 x Toothpicks
  • 1 x Syringe 25 cc
  • 1 x Air Duct (Navy)
  • 8 x Cover Lables
  • 1 x DrawPin


Cartridge Number

  • Canon PG-745, CL-746 Ink Cartridges
  • Canon PG-745XL, CL-746XL Ink Cartridges

Printer Model

  • PIXMA iP2870,
  • PIXMA MG2470,
  • PIXMA MG2570,
  • PIXMA MG2970,
  • PIXMA MG3070,
  • PIXMA MG3077,
  • PIXMA MX497,
  • PIXMA TR4570,
  • PIXMA TS3170, TS3370,

Cartridge Number

  • Canon BC-345, BC-346 Ink Cartridges
  • Canon BC-345XL, BC-346XL Ink Cartridges

Printer Model

  • PIXUS TS3330,
  • PIXUS TS3130S,
  • PIXUS TS3130,
  • PIXUS TS203,
  • PIXUS TR4530,

Cartridge Number

  • Canon PG-845, CL-846 Ink Cartridges
  • Canon PG-845XL, CL-846XL Ink Cartridges

Printer Model

  • PIXMA iP2880S, PIXMA iP2880,
  • PIXMA MG2400,
  • PIXMA MG2580S, PIXMA MG2580,
  • PIXMA MG2980,
  • PIXMA MG3080,
  • PIXMA MX498,
  • PIXMA TS208,
  • PIXMA TS308,
  • PIXMA TS3180,
  • PIXMA TS3480,
  • PIXMA TR4580,

Cartridge Number

  • Canon PG-645, CL-646 Ink Cartridges
  • Canon PG-645XL, CL-646XL Ink Cartridges

Printer Model

  • PIXMA MG2460, PIXMA MG2560, PIXMA MG2960,
  • PIXMA MG3060,
  • PIXMA MX496,
  • PIXMA TS306,
  • PIXMA TS3160, PIXMA TS3165,
  • PIXMA TS3360, PIXMA TS3365,
  • PIXMA TR4560,
North America

Cartridge Number

  • Canon PG-245, CL-246 Ink Cartridges
  • Canon PG-245XL, CL-246XL Ink Cartridges

Printer Model

  • PIXMA iP2820
  • PIXMA MG2924 Wireless
  • PIXMA MG3020 Gray Wireless Photo All-in-One Inkjet Printer
  • PIXMA MG3020 White Wireless Photo All-in-One Inkjet Printer
  • PIXMA MG3020 Black Wireless Photo All-in-One Inkjet Printer
  • PIXMA MG2920 Black Wireless
  • PIXMA MX492 Black Wireless
  • PIXMA MX492 White Wireless
  • PIXMA TR4520 Black Wireless
  • PIXMA TR4520 White Wireless
  • PIXMA TS202
  • PIXMA TS302 Black Wireless
Latin America

Cartridge Number

  • Canon PG-145, CL-146 Ink Cartridges
  • Canon PG-145XL, CL-146XL Ink Cartridges

Printer Model

  • PIXMA MG2410,
  • PIXMA MG2910,
  • PIXMA MG3010,

Cartridge Number

  • Canon PG-545, CL-546 Ink Cartridges
  • Canon PG-545XL, CL-546XL Ink Cartridges

Printer Model

  • PIXMA MG2150, PIXMA MG2250,
  • PIXMA MG3150, PIXMA MG3250, PIXMA MG3550,
  • PIXMA MG3650S, PIXMA MG3650,
  • PIXMA MG4150, PIXMA MG4250,
  • PIXMA MX375, PIXMA MX395,
  • PIXMA MX435, PIXMA MX455,
  • PIXMA MX475,
  • PIXMA MX515, PIXMA MX525, PIXMA MX535,
  • PIXMA TS5150, PIXMA TS5151,

Cartridge Number

  • Canon PG-545, CL-546 Ink Cartridges
  • Canon PG-545XL, CL-546XL Ink Cartridges

Printer Model

  • PIXMA iP2850,
  • PIXMA MG2450, PIXMA MG2550, PIXMA MG2550S,
  • PIXMA MG2555S, PIXMA MG2950,
  • PIXMA MG3050, PIXMA MG3051, PIXMA MG3052,
  • PIXMA MG3053,
  • PIXMA MX495,
  • PIXMA TR4550, PIXMA TR4551,
  • PIXMA TS205, PIXMA TS305,
  • PIXMA TS3150, PIXMA TS3151,
  • PIXMA TS3350, PIXMA TS3351, PIXMA TS3352,
  • PIXMA TS3450, PIXMA TS3451, PIXMA TS3452,
  • PIXMA TS3355,
  • PIXMA TR4650, PIXMA TR4651,
Middle East

Cartridge Number

  • Canon PG-445, CL-446 Ink Cartridges
  • Canon PG-445XL, CL-446XL Ink Cartridges

Printer Model

  • PIXMA iP2840,
  • PIXMA MG2440, PIXMA MG2540, PIXMA MG2940,
  • PIXMA MX494,
  • PIXMA MG3040, PIXMA MG2540S, PIXMA MG2545S,
  • PIXMA TS3140,
  • PIXMA TS204, PIXMA TS304,
  • PIXMA TR4540

Product Feature

Smart Design!

  • You will believe that the design is also helps you fill the ink cartridge easily.
    When you first use the filling kit, you can get started quickly.
  • Pick up your used cartridge which is ready to recycle; After refilling the ink, the ink cartridge can be reusable.

Double automatic function

  • Press the bottle of the ink bottle twice with your finger, and the ink starts to perform automatic permeation filling.
  • When the ink cartridge is filled, the ink filling will be automatically stopped.

Auto Convention Filling Needle

  • The filling needle with two conduits (air conduit and ink conduit).
  • Filled with a low pressure penetrating filling method, the ink completely penetrates into all the ink storage chamber of the inner sponge of the ink cartridge; the filling effect is equivalent to the original filling technique.

No More Happen

  • Not smearing fingers with ink
  • No filling ink with half of cartridge capacity
  • No bubbles in sponge
  • Ink does not drip
  • Ink does not overflow

Fill Instruction - Youtube


  • Canon PG-810, CL-811 ink cartridges have half the space of an ink storage sponge and should not be overfilled with ink.
    Canon PG-810XL, 811XL ink cartridge ink storage sponge, is a large sponge, when filling the ink can be directly filled with ink.
    With a convection fill needle, the fill height of the ink cartridge has been set and the ink will automatically stop filling when it reaches the preset height.
  • After the cartridge has been filled, it is important to use the air push "ink guide" action with the cartridge/disc to expel the fine air bubbles inside the ink cartridge nozzle.
  • Do not separate the ink bottle from the convection needle after filling, it should be placed upright in the tool box.
  • Each ink cartridge has a message transcoding or water level recording chip, the ink level will not be restored if the chip has already been used; this can be eliminated by a manual key press and the printer's end-of-life light will blink continuously without affecting the print.

Canon PG-810XL Filling Instruction

Canon PG-810XL Ink Cartridge - Auto Convection Refill System

  • Color: Black
  • Ink types: Pigment-based
  • Page Yield: 400 Pages

Canon CL-811XL Filling Instruction

Canon CL-811XL Ink Cartridge - Auto Convection Refill System

  • Color: Colour
  • Ink types: Dye-based
  • Page Yield: 349 Pages

More Information

Ink level

  • The ink level of the ink cartridge is continuously decreased after printing, and the ink level after the drop will never return to the full.
  • Once the ink cartridge is filled, you do not need to change the ink cartridge as long as it can be cleaned and printed.
  • If the printer refuses to continue to use the ink cartridge (Depleted), you may need to replace it with a new one or purchase and install a decoder chip to continue printing.

Internal structure of the ink cartridge

Patents and Awards

Auto Convection Refill System Patents

  • Taiwan Invention Patent No. I-504518
  • China Invention Patent No. I-1709429
  • US Patent application 2014/0083564 A1


  • 2011 Taipei International Invention Show and Technomart - Gold Medal
  • 2012 International Trade Fair Ideas-Invention-New Products Nuremberg - Gold Medal
  • 2013 The International Invention Fair in Meddle East - Gold Medal
  • 2014 Seoul International Invention Fair - Gold Medal
  • 2016 National Research Council of Tailand - Gold Medal
  • 2016 International Intellectual Property Network Formul - Leading Innovation Award