Canon PGI-750/XL, CLI-751/XL Auto Convection + Drop Refill Kits Set 5C

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PGI-750, PGI-250, BCI-350, PGI-550, CLI-751, CLI-2..

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PGI-750, PGI-250, BCI-350, PGI-550, CLI-751, CLI-251, BCI-351, CLI-551, PGI-750, PGI-750XL, PGI-755XXL, CLI-751, CLI-751XL; PIXMA iP8770, PIXMA iX6870, PIXMA iX6770, PIXMA iP7270, PIXMA MG7570, PIXMA MG7170, PIXMA MG6670, PIXMA MG6470, PIXMA MG6370, PIXMA MG5670, PIXMA MG5570, PIXMA MG5470, PIXMA MX927, PIXMA MX727, PGI-250, PGI-250XL,PGI-255XXL, CLI-251, CLI-251XL; PGI-550, PGI-550XL, PGI-555XXL, CLI-551, CLI-551XL; BCI-350, BCI-350XL, BCI-355XXL, BCI-351, BCI-351XL; PGI-650, PGI-650XL, PGI-655XXL, CLI-651, CLI-651XL; PGI-850, PGI-850XL, PGI-855XXL, CLI-851, CLI-851XL; PGI-150K, PGI-150XL, PGI-155XXL, CLI-151, CLI-151XL; Pixma iP7210, iP7220, iP7250, Pixma iP7260, Pixma iP7280, iP7230 Pixus, Pixma iP8710, iP8720, iP8730, iP8750, iP8760, iP8780, Pixus iP8730, Pixma iX6810, iX6820, iX6830, iX6860,iX6780, iX6880, Pixma MG5410, MG5420, MG5430, MG5450, MG5460, Pixma MG5510, MG5520, MG5530, MG5550, MG5560, MG5580, Pixma MG5610, MG5620, MG5630, MG5650, MG5680, Pixma MG6620, Pixma MG6310, MG6320, MG6330, MG6350, MG6360, MG6380, Pixma MG6420, MG6450, MG6460, MG6480, MG6530, Pixma MG6610, MG6650, MG6680, MG6730 Pixma MG7110, MG7120, MG7150, MG7160, MG7180, Pixma MG7510, MG7520, MG7530, MG7540, MG7550, MG7580, Pixma MX721, MX722, MX725, MX726, MX728, Pixma MX922, MX923, MX925, MX926, MX928, Pixus MX923, CN_750-751-5C-KIT;


First-time, Easy-to-operate Filling Kits Set


Quantity and Name

  • 5x 35 ml empty bottle (Bottle Body, Inner cap, White cap)
  • 5x Auto-Refill Needle
  • 5x Needle Plug
  • 5x Drop Filling Needle
  • 1x Ball Romover
  • 6x 3.0 Silicon Plug
  • 1x DrawPin
  • 5x Rubber Ring

Compatible with

Cartridge Number

  • CLI-751 BK, CLI-751 C, CLI-751 M, CLI-751 Y
  • CLI-751XL BK, CLI-751XL C, CLI-751XL M, CLI-751XL Y

Printer Model

  • PIXMA iP8770, PIXMA iP7270
  • PIXMA iX6770, PIXMA iX6870
  • PIXMA MG7570, PIXMA MG7170, PIXMA MG6670, PIXMA MG6470, PIXMA MG6370, PIXMA MG5670, PIXMA MG5570, PIXMA MG5470
  • PIXMA MX927, PIXMA MX727

Cartridge Number

  • CLI-651BK, CLI-651C, CLI-651M, CLI-651Y
  • CLI-651XL BK, CLI-651XL C, CLI-651XL M, CLI-651XL Y

Printer Model

  • Pixma iP7260, Pixma iP8760
  • Pixma iX6860
  • Pixma MG5460, Pixma MG5560, Pixma MG6360, Pixma MG6460, Pixma MG7160
  • Pixma MX726, Pixma MX926

Cartridge Number

  • CLI-851 BK, CLI-851 C, CLI-851 M, CLI-851 Y
  • CLI-851XL BK, CLI-851XL C, CLI-851XL M, CLI-851XL Y

Printer Model

  • Pixma iP7280, Pixma iP8780
  • Pixma iX6780, Pixma iX6880
  • Pixma MG5480, Pixma MG5580, Pixma MG5680, Pixma MG6380, Pixma MG6480, Pixma MG6680, Pixma MG7180, Pixma MG7580
  • Pixma MX728, Pixma MX928

Cartridge Number

  • BCI-351 BK, BCI-351 C, BCI-351 M, BCI-351 Y
  • BCI-351XL BK, BCI-351XL C, BCI-351XL M, BCI-351XL Y

Printer Model

  • Pixus MG7530F, Pixus MG7530, MG7130 Pixus, Pixus MG6730, Pixus MG6530, Pixus MG6330, Pixus MG5630, Pixus MG5530
  • Pixus MG5430, Pixus MX923
  • Pixus iP8730, iP7230 Pixus
  • Pixus iX6830

Cartridge Number

  • CLI-251 BK, CLI-251 C, CLI-251 M, CLI-251 Y
  • CLI-251XL BK, CLI-251XL C, CLI-251XL M, CLI-251XL Y

Printer Model

  • Pixma iP7220, Pixma iP8720,
  • Pixma iX6820,
  • Pixma MG5420, Pixma MG5520, Pixma MG5620, Pixma MG6320, Pixma MG6420, Pixma MG6620, Pixma MG7120, Pixma MG7520,
  • Pixma MX722, Pixma MX922

Cartridge Number

  • CLI-151 BK, CLI-151 C, CLI-151 M, CLI-151 Y
  • CLI-151XL BK, CLI-151XL C, CLI-151XL M, CLI-151XL Y

Printer Model

  • Pixma iP7210, Pixma iP8710
  • Pixma iX6810
  • Pixma MG5410, Pixma MG5510, Pixma MG5610, Pixma MG6310, Pixma MG6410, Pixma MG6610, Pixma MG7110, Pixma MG7510
  • Pixma MX721

Cartridge Number

  • CLI-551 BK, CLI-55 1C, CLI-551 M, CLI-551 Y
  • CLI-551XL BK, CLI-551XL C, CLI-551XL M, CLI-551XL Y

Printer Model

  • Pixma iP7250, Pixma iP8750
  • Pixma iX6850
  • Pixma MG5450, Pixma MG5550, Pixma MG5650, Pixma MG6350, Pixma MG6450, Pixma MG6650, Pixma MG7150, Pixma MG7550
  • Pixma MX725, Pixma MX925

Cartridge Number

  • CLI-651BK, CLI-651C, CLI-651M, CLI-651Y
  • CLI-651XL BK, CLI-651XL C, CLI-651XL M, CLI-651XL Y

Ink cartridge filling and precautions

Problems that are often overlooked - error padding

  • The sponge construction of the original ink cartridge should be filled with "low pressure".
  • Filling the ink cartridge, in the syringe or the end of the ink bottle to insert a filling needle, filling speed can not be too fast, high-speed injection of ink and the ink cartridge sponge contact, the ink will produce a large number of bubbles, the ink can not be stored in the sponge.

The internal structure of the original ink cartridge

  • Please refer to the US Patent Document No. US008740362, US009211719.
  • The internal structure of the Canon PGI-750/XL, CLI-751/XL, PGI-755XXL ink cartridges is the same, only the difference in the ink capacity is the difference.
  • Depending on the type of ink cartridge, filling the ink cartridge requires selecting the correct filling tool to effectively fill your cartridge.

Canon PGI-750, CLI-751 Ink Cartridge Internal Structure


Goods and Designs that you can understand at a Glance

Smart Design !

  • You will believe that the design is also helps you fill the ink cartridge easily.
    When you first use the filling kit, you can get started quickly.
  • Pick up your used cartridge which is ready to recycle; After refilling the ink,
    the ink cartridge can be reusable.

Double automatic function

  • Press the bottle of the ink bottle twice with your finger, and the ink starts to perform automatic permeation filling.
  • When the ink cartridge is filled, the ink filling will be automatically stopped.

Auto Convention Filling Needle

  • The filling needle with two conduits (air conduit and ink conduit).
  • Filled with a low pressure penetrating filling method, the ink completely penetrates into all the ink storage chamber of the inner sponge of the ink cartridge; the filling effect is equivalent to the original filling technique.

Drip filling needle design

  • Our invention - a needle that does not drip, is used directly in drip-filled ink.
  • Each drop of ink is held by the hand on the ink bottle, providing the ink with a drop or continuous low pressure ink with continuous pressure from the hand. The ink is discharged from the needle end to the sponge of the ink discharge port, and the ink is slowly infiltrated into the ink storage space inside the ink cartridge.
  • When the ink is dripped, there is no high pressure spray.

No More Happen

  • Not smearing fingers with ink
  • No filling ink with half of cartridge capacity
  • No bubbles in sponge
  • Ink does not drip
  • Ink does not overflow

Fill Instruction - Youtube


  • The internal structure of the ink cartridge is the same, please follow the filling instructions below.
  • Two filling methods are provided, if you are only using one of them, continue to use the filling needle; add ink to the ink bottle, or replace the ink bottle with a new one, apply pressure to combine the filling needle with the top of the ink bottle.
  • If the filling method is changed, the filling needle removed from the ink bottle will need to be cleaned with water.

Canon PGI-750/XL, CLI-751/XL, PGI-755XXL

Demo: Auto Convection Refill System

Canon PGI-750/XL, CLI-751/XL, PGI-755XXL

Demo: One Drop Ink Refill System

More Information

Ink cartridge ink level

  • The ink level drops continuously after printing and never returns to the full ink level after the drop.
  • Each ink cartridge has a message transcoding or ink level recording chip, and the ink level will not be restored if the chip has been used;
    perhaps you can purchase a chip resetter or decoding chip, or follow the on-screen instructions to cancel the factory-issued continuous monitoring in order to continue printing.

Patents and Awards

Auto Convection Refill System Patents

  • Taiwan Invention Patent No. I-504518
  • China Invention Patent No. I-1709429
  • US Patent application 2014/0083564 A1


  • 2011 Taipei International Invention Show and Technomart - Gold Medal
  • 2012 International Trade Fair Ideas-Invention-New Products Nuremberg - Gold Medal
  • 2013 The International Invention Fair in Meddle East - Gold Medal
  • 2014 Seoul International Invention Fair - Gold Medal
  • 2016 National Research Council of Tailand - Gold Medal
  • 2016 International Intellectual Property Network Formul - Leading Innovation Award