HP 920/920XL Auto Convection & One Drop Refill Refill Ink Set

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DS-920_AS-920XL-4C-INK, CD971A (No. 920), CD975A (No. 920XL), CH634A (No. 920), CH636A (No. 920), CH635A (No. 920), CD972A (No. 920XL), CD974A (No. 920XL), CD973A (No. 920XL), Officejet 6000 E609a, 6000 Special Edition E609b, 6000 Wireless E609n, Officejet 6500 E709a, 6500 Wireless E709n, 6500 Wireless E709q, 6500A E710a, 500A Plus E710n, Officejet 7000 Advantage E809c, 7000 E809a, 7000 Special Edition E809b, Officejet 7500A E910a, 7500A E910c,


First-time, Easy-to-operate filling kits Set


Quantity and Name

  • 1x 35 ml Pigment Black Ink Bottle
  • 3x 35 ml Dye Color Ink Bottle
  • 4x Auto-Refill Needle
  • 4x Needle Plug
  • 4x Drop Filling Needle
  • 1x Handle Drill ( Φ2.8 x 15mm)
  • 6x 2.8 mm Silicon Plug
  • 4x Toothpicks
  • 1x DrawPin
  • 4x Rubber Ring

Compatible with

Cartridge Number

  • HP 920/CD971A, HP 920XL/CD975A Black
  • HP 920/CD634A, HP 920XL/CD972A Cyan
  • HP 920/CD636A, HP 920XL/CD975A Magenta
  • HP 920/CD63A, HP 920XL/CD974A Yellow

Printer Model

  • HP Officejet 6000 E609a, 6000 Special Edition E609b, 6000 Wireless E609n,
  • HP Officejet 6500 E709a, 6500 Wireless E709n, 6500 Wireless E709q, 6500A E710a, 6500A Plus E710n,
  • HP Officejet 7000 Advantage E809c, 7000 E809a, 7000 Special Edition E809b,
  • HP Officejet 7500A E910a, 7500A E910c,

Ink cartridge filling and precautions

Problems that are often overlooked - error padding

  • The sponge structure of the original ink cartridge can only be used with "low pressure" when filling.
  • Insert the filling needle at the end of the syringe or ink bottle. The filling speed should not be too fast. When the high-speed injection ink comes into contact with the ink sponge, the ink will generate a lot of bubbles. The ink cannot be stored in the sponge, and the ink filled in the ink cartridge. It may overflow from the top or leak out from the nozzle.

The internal structure of the original ink cartridge

  • Please refer to the US Patent Document No. US009452609.
  • HP 564 SETUP,564 Standard,564XL ink cartridges are different, and the filling method of each type of ink cartridges is different.
  • According to the type of ink cartridge, when filling the ink cartridge, you need to select the correct filling tool to fill your ink cartridge effectively.

HP 920 SETUP,920 Standard ink cartridge internal structure

HP 920XL ink cartridge internal structure


Goods and Designs that you can understand at a Glance

Smart Design !

  • You will believe that the design is also helps you fill the ink cartridge easily.
    When you first use the filling kit, you can get started quickly.
  • Pick up your used cartridge which is ready to recycle; After refilling the ink,
    the ink cartridge can be reusable.

Double automatic function

  • Press the bottle of the ink bottle twice with your finger, and the ink starts to perform automatic permeation filling.
  • When the ink cartridge is filled, the ink filling will be automatically stopped.

Auto Convention Filling Needle

  • The filling needle with two conduits (air conduit and ink conduit).
  • Filled with a low pressure penetrating filling method, the ink completely penetrates into all the ink storage chamber of the inner sponge of the ink cartridge; the filling effect is equivalent to the original filling technique.

Drip filling needle design

  • Our invention - a needle that does not drip, is used directly in drip-filled ink.
  • Each drop of ink is held by the hand on the ink bottle, providing the ink with a drop or continuous low pressure ink with continuous pressure from the hand. The ink is discharged from the needle end to the sponge of the ink discharge port, and the ink is slowly infiltrated into the ink storage space inside the ink cartridge.
  • When the ink is dripped, there is no high pressure spray.

No More Happen

  • Not smearing fingers with ink
  • No filling ink with half of cartridge capacity
  • No bubbles in sponge
  • Ink does not drip
  • Ink does not overflow

Fill Instruction - Youtube


  • Different ink volumes of ink cartridges, his filling methods are different, please follow the filling teaching below.
  • Ink cartridges of different ink volumes each have its filling method. If you have more than one ink cartridge, if the filling method is replaced, the filling needle removed from the ink bottle needs to be cleaned.
  • Each ink cartridge has a chip for transcoding or ink level recording. The used chip will not recover the ink level; perhaps, you can purchase a decoder chip to get the ink level display.

HP 920/920XL Black, HP 920XL Color

Demo: HP 920 Black - Auto Convection Refill System

  • HP 920/CD971A, HP 920XL/CD975A Black
  • HP 920XL/CD972A Cyan
  • HP 920XL/CD975A Magenta
  • HP 920XL/CD974A Yellow

HP 920 Color ink cartridge

Demo: HP 920 Color - One Drop Ink Refill System

  • HP 920/CD634A Cyan
  • HP 920/CD636A Magenta
  • HP 920/CD63A Yellow

More Information

Modification of Printer Head Vents

  • After cleaning many times, the quality of the printed quality page is not better. It is recommended to modify the Printer Head Vents under the annular seal 44.
  • Please used a caulk glue, which is filled into the pores and repair with a thin needle tube and seals the air hole 62 air hole under the annular seal 44.
  • The caulk glue is a type of transport contraband that you need to purchase locally.
  • The air hole 62 under the annular seal 44 is recommended to be printed at a minimum of six hours after patching with caulk glue.

Ink level

  • The ink level of the ink cartridge is continuously decreased after printing, and the ink level after the drop will never return to the full.
  • Once the ink cartridge is filled, you do not need to change the ink cartridge as long as it can be cleaned and printed.
  • If the printer refuses to continue to use the ink cartridge (Depleted), you may need to replace it with a new one or purchase and install a decoder chip to continue printing.

Patents and Awards

Auto Convection Refill System Patents

  • Taiwan Invention Patent No. I-504518
  • China Invention Patent No. I-1709429
  • US Patent application 2014/0083564 A1


  • 2011 Taipei International Invention Show and Technomart - Gold Medal
  • 2012 International Trade Fair Ideas-Invention-New Products Nuremberg - Gold Medal
  • 2013 The International Invention Fair in Meddle East - Gold Medal
  • 2014 Seoul International Invention Fair - Gold Medal
  • 2016 National Research Council of Tailand - Gold Medal
  • 2016 International Intellectual Property Network Formul - Leading Innovation Award