About Us

First of all, we would like the thank you for interesting Refill House  products.

Refill House - is a professional research structure of the original patents and ink cartridges,

where you can find the special or best Refill kits!

New ideal and design includes:

1. Automatically convection refill series,

2. MagicTube refill series,

3. Continuous Ink Supply System,

We are very proud of our ink cartridges refilling technology which is designed to be a very simple and easy refilling system.

Refill House - is a special designer for refilling original cartridges.

You can find us on our website for further information or advises if you have any problems in refilling your cartridges, modify CISS and so on.

No matter you are a wholesales, retails and even end-users, you can purchase suitable package(s) for your requirement.

For best price or further co-operate, please discuss with us for more details.

Thanks again for interesting our products and all the best wishes.

Contact Information:

Company: Eazeden Corporation

Address: No. 3, Lane 195, St. Wo-Long, Taipei 10674, TAIWAN

E-mail: refillhouse@livemail.tw Contact Us